Pledge of Support and Employment Opportunities for Productive 社区 返回

治安官麦克尼尔公司 ALLinLEON is a comprehensive plan to unify people, 机构, businesses and organizations to work collaboratively to reduce crime in 利县. It is a partnership, which allows all stakeholders to work towards a common goal. “大蒜素原莱昂” is comprised of four components: prevention, 返回, 执行, 社区参与.

As business owners and leaders Sheriff McNeil recognizes the private sector is impacted by each component of “ALLinLEON” and uniquely positioned within the community to support each of the four components and common goals.

Sheriff McNeil seeks your business’ Pledge of Support for “大蒜素原莱昂” and the 利县 拘留所’s 返回 component, which seeks to provide incarcerated individuals re-entering our community, with the tools they need to be productive citizens upon their return.

Your business’ pledge represents a collective community-wide call-to-action for all members of the private sector to improve their communities by eliminating employment barriers for those with a criminal record and create a pathway for a second chance.

If you are a business owner who would like to take the pledge and support this reentry effort by agreeing to allow ex-offenders to compete for job openings, 联系再入指挥 & 犯人的程序 Bradley Janowski at 850-606-3387 or by email at