Crime Prevention

LCSO Community Relations Deputies are designated "Florida Crime Prevention Practitioners" and maintain current Instructor Certification status. Deputies in this section are active members of the Florida Crime Prevention Association (FCPA), serve on various planning boards, and local business associations.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office Community Relations Unit offers various programs for your personal and commercial safety. These programs are free of charge to all Leon County residents and business owners:

  • Personal Safety: The CRU conducts personal safety programs throughout the county. Crime Prevention Practitioners will work with you to develop a personalized safety plan tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Residential Security Survey: All Leon county residents can annually request a residential security survey. A certified deputy will conduct a detailed survey of your home and suggest measures you can take to make your home more safe and secure.
  • Commercial Security Survey: A detailed site survey of your business is conducted by our Crime Prevention Practitioners. Recommendations are made, based on industry’s best practices, in the areas of lighting, security and electronic surveillance. Business owners will receive a complete debrief and a written report.
  • Workplace Violence: Our instructors assess and develop a plan based on your physical plant and location. A scheduled, interactive, on-site training and discussion with all staff can be held to implement recommended safety procedures. Training includes recognition and response to instances of workplace violence, active shooter response and de-escalation strategies.
  • House of Worship Awareness Program:In response to the increased number of violent acts against places of worship around the country, our Unit will conduct a detailed site survey of your campus. Additional training for pastors, staff and church-goers can be conducted, to implement recommended safety procedures. Training includes recognition and response to mental health crisis, de-escalation strategies, and active shooter response.
  • Robbery: The Community Relations Unit also offers a specially designed program for retail stores, banks and other businesses. This program combines the above listed commercial security survey with personal safety. Training includes prevention strategies, and recognition and response.
  • Fraud: Annually, the Community Relations Unit conducts a Fraud Workshop, offered to area merchants in collaboration with the Big Bend Fraud and Forgery Task Force. This program includes the recognition of possible fraudulent banking activity, identity theft prevention, and general internet security.
  • Child Safety Programs: Our robust menu of safety programs are offered to all schools Pre-K through 12th grade, as well as, After-School and Community-based Youth programs. These programs include anti-bullying, cyberbullying, internet safety, drug abuse awareness, and proper use of social media. Additionally, we offer the National Crime Prevention Council’s various curriculum which uses McGruff the Crime Dog to communicate messages, such as, Child Lures (“Stranger Danger”), Role of a Deputy and Let’s Play it Safe.
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch: A Crime Prevention Practitioner will meet with your neighborhood stakeholders and assist them through the process of starting and maintaining a traditional Crime Watch program. We can also assist with the process of utilizing NextDoor (a free online social media application) as an alternative to the traditional program.

These programs are presented free of charge to individuals, community groups, school groups, businesses and organizations. For more information on these programs and other programs, please call the Community Relations Unit at (850) 606-3272 or e-mail us at